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eh, This is Holly. She’s an (almost) 3 year old Golden...

This is Holly. She’s an (almost) 3 year old Golden Retriever/Lab mix from Marietta, Georgia. My Aunt Jana rescued her from being put down about 6 months ago and is currently fostering her, but she desperately needs a permanent home. My aunt already has multiple other pets and can’t bring Holly into her home so she’s paying an unholy amount of money to board her week by week until she gets adopted. She’s asked family and friends to share pictures of Holly on Facebook, but I figured I have a bigger audience and better chances of getting this to circulate on here. If you are or know anyone (especially in or close to Marietta, GA) looking for a sweet, happy, loving dog to adopt please consider Holly. My aunt has already done so much for her and was hoping to get her a home by Christmas, but she hasn’t found a match just yet. Holly is about 60 pounds as of right now, up to date on all her shots, and is currently in training/comes with a lifetime training package from Frogs to Dogs training (Located in Atlanta, GA I believe.) She has a very calm temperament, she is a little skiddish upon first meeting new people but warms up to you quickly. Holly is fine with other dogs, but not with cats. She is better suited for a house without young children or many people. For complete information about her or how to adopt her go here- or message me with any questions!

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    aRGH! I’m close (midlands SC) but have many many cats. :( Reblogging to try to find Holly a forever home.
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